Vw bug supercharger

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Vw bug supercharger

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Call Us Our knowledgable staff can help. Descrip tion. Product Description If you're looking for an easy way to bolt on some power to your VW Beetle, Ghia, Type 2 Bus or Thing with a to cc based engine, look no further. We've put together a few of our favorite bolt on components that will increase power, performance and still maintain good driving manners and reliability.

We add a PerTronix SVDA distributor which features a vacuum advance for smooth acceleration along with a centrifugal advance and an electronic ignition module for increase performance and reliable starting.

A PerTronix 40, volt coil couples the new distributor and the carb with increased power to ignite the additional fuel and air. At the tail end of things, select an exhaust to complete the system and your VW's power increase! PerTronix Flame-Thrower 3. Muffler Installation Kit with Clamps and Gaskets. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www. VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car. California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if your car has been modified in any way.

VW Beetle. VW Super Beetle Sedan. VW Karmann Ghia Coupe. VW Type 3 Squareback. Large packages ship FedEx. Smaller packages ship US Priority Mail. Delivery time averages business days depending on your distance from Southern California.

Project VW Aircooled Blown AMR 300 Supercharged Beetle Fusca Vdub PJWorks Taiwan

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Thank You! Stay Safe Everybody! Contact Us. Feeling like you need a little something extra under the loud pedal of your early Bus, Bug or Ghia?

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What you need is a Joe Blow supercharger kit. Designed specifically for aircooled VWs, Joe Blow superchargers are available for upright style Volkswagen engines and come supplied as a DIY kit that can be fitted in a weekend by anyone with half a clue and some basic tools.

The kit adds a nice bit of extra grunt and doesn't require that you strip your engine down like other performance upgrades. Learn More.

vw bug supercharger

If you are looking for more boost or have a larger capacity engine, we also offer a larger capacity supercharger solutions. This kit can be supplied in both EFI and carbureted versions and can be made to work with existing dual carburettor setups. Larger capacity performance solution.

If you are chasing power why not also take a look at our camshafts, we have developed three different custom grinds that are designed to work with blown engines.

These grinds differ from both normally aspirated and turbo cams and are specifically optimised to get the most out of your blown installation. All of our camshafts are ground for us by Engle so you can be sure you are buying a quality item. Developed Specifically for blown engines. To make the most out of our forced induction products we have developed a distributor-less crank-triggered, fully mappable ignition system.

vw bug supercharger

Initially designed for use with our carbureted blown kits, this ignition system can actually be used on ANY car or bike and provides a cost effective modern tech replacement for the traditional distributor. Supplied with, crank trigger, loom and coil-pack it is also capable of running sequential spark and COP. It includes built in features for: rev cut, launch control, fuel pump control, tacho-out, nitrous control, boost control, as well as additional user programmable outputs.

vw bug supercharger

Distributors are just so For the ultimate in performance solutions we also offer EFI versions of our blower kits, as well as normally aspirated EFI setups in both single and dual throttle body. Our single throttle body solution is designed so that it can be easily adapted to use on a turbo setup.

We can supply our ECU as a turn-key, plug-and-play solution that includes all sensors and a pre-terminated wiring loom. The ultimate solution.No small number of companies were springing up offering speed parts for engines ranging from flathead Fords to MG four-bangers. Forced induction was becoming more popular, and Judson Research and Manufacturing Company was there to stoke the fire with superchargers for a variety of applications.

The Judson design was different than more widely-used roots-type or centrifugal-style superchargers. The Judson design uses a single offset rotor in a round housing with sliding vanes that create a seal with the housing. As the rotor spins, the vanes are thrown outward at the largest point and pushed inward at the closest point. Air and fuel move from the high-volume space created at the large part of the supercharger to the tighter space where the rotor and housing are closer together, compressing the intake air.

Larger ports on the inlet side and smaller ports on the outlet side helped maximize manifold pressure. The sliding vanes needed to be lubricated to prevent damaging the housing walls and hurting compression, so an oiler was required.

This oiler was a very simple design that dripped Marvel Mystery Oil onto the vanes. Judson was wise to use Marvel Mystery Oil, as it was safe for the engine to consume. At one point Judson even claimed the steady supply of Mystery Oil increased the life of the engine by acting as additional cylinder lubrication. The little blower worked. According to a test in the September issue of Road and Tracka Beetle gained The kit was installed on a horsepower engine and the main practical improvement was in regular driving with much more mid-range torque.

Judson is estimated to have build over 70, units of the VW kit alone, and the total sum of the other kits amounts to roughly the same volume. Experts and rebuilders can be found if you have part or all of a Judson kit, as well as a registry of owners with additional resources. Maintenance and Tech. You may also like Related Posts.

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Making right on the 5 psi we planed to get from the pulley ratio, easy to install, cheap, no complaints here at all. Aisin AMR Supercharger. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. AMR Output Flange.

To hot-rod a ‘50s Beetle, the Judson supercharger was the ticket

AMR Flange Set. AMR Output Gasket. AMR Gasket Set. Current Stock:.

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Works best on small displacement engines using the stock cam. Producing anywhere from 5 to 10lbs of boost depending on pulley combo. The direction of rotation is optional on this charger, so it can easily work with your VW engine. The supercharger can be mounted in any orientation because of the self contained oiling.

Supercharger oil required. Oil Capacity, ml. Awesome service by this company Would like one without the fiber on rotor Making right on the 5 psi we planed to get from the pulley ratio, easy to install, cheap, no complaints here at all. Quick view Out of stock - Email for Restock Date.All rights reserved. All images protected by US and International copyright laws. No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

All Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. Not responsible for typographical or photo errors. Everyday Savings. VW Interiors. VW Exterior Rubber. VW Carburetors. VW Brake Parts. VW Exhaust. VW Car Covers. VW Engine Parts. VW Body Parts. VW Steering Wheels. VW Seat Belts. Popular VW Models.

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Super Beetle. Type 2. Type 3. Classic VW Restoration Videos. Be sure to also checkout the resources section for helpful tips for each job as your restore your car. Follow along as we install the products we sell with helpful tips to aide you in your restoration. Why JBugs? Customer Service JBugs is committed to providing our customers with knowledge and expert service every time they shop with us. See more about our shopping experience by checking out our reviews.

Live Support The staff, phone sales, and techincal support teams own and restore their own classic Volkswagens providing knowledge from hands-on experience. Competitive Pricing We offer competitive pricing on the highest quality products in the industry.

JBugs Media Our library of how-to videos show you step-by-step tutorials on how to restore and repair your vehicle using VW parts from JBugs. Huge Selection The JBugs warehouse has over 10, parts in stock and ready to ship.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center?

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. VW New Beetle. VW Beetle Type 1. Can you put a supercharger to a cc VW Beetle engine? Wiki User Theoretically any combustion engine can be fitted with a supercharger, but don't expect it to be an easy, bolt-on job.

Carb, intake manifolds and drive pulleys would have to be heavily modified. If it's an EFI engine you won't have the carb to worry about, but would instead have to have the engine control remapped.

You can put a supercharger on a stock engine it depends on how much boost you run wether your engine can handle it or not. You can put a supercharger on any engine. All a supercharger is, is an air compressor that forces air into the engine.

If you can find a compressor small enough and figure out a why to hook it up, then you will be good to go. Asked in Turbo and Superchargers, Miscellaneous Vehicles Can you put a v8 supercharger on a 4 cylinder car?

Standard Bolt On Performance Kit, 1300-1600 Beetle, Ghia, Bus & Thing

Asked in Turbo and Superchargers Can you put a supercharger on a 2. Yes, depending on make,model year, some are easier than others.Has a true 4-into-1 collector that also has the correct pipe layout 1, 4, 3, 2 to match vw firring order. This gives you faster spool up and a great sound. You pick the color of ceramic you want. Pick form Black Satin ceramic or Polished ceramic. This turbo is good up to hp use. All LowBugget turbos come with a 1 year warranty!

This carb is good for up to hp use. We preset each carb to start out of the box for you. The carb comes with a boosted enrichment system. This type of setup will add the extra fuel once up on boost. Because of our carbs you can drive like a normal VW and get good MPG but still feed all the fuel to make big power when needed.

You really can have your cake and eat it too!

vw bug supercharger

You do have more options! Click here. Click Here Here is a older video showing one of our turbo kits. Bug "Under-The-Deck" kits. Complete turbo kits that are designed to have the quality of a factory installed system, run for thousands of miles and drive like a new car. They are built to last and you can install one of our kits in one day. Make your Bug feel like a Porsche! They will fit 36 horse and late model Dog House, thing shrouds with out any cutting or banging.

We have a kit for shrouds also. You can run MSD and Mallory style distributors. You can also keep your stock heaters. If at any time you have a question or want some tech info call the shop or send off an e-mail to us. All T kits now come standard with LowBugget's T3 turbo's. Click Here Older video showing one of our turbo kits. Click Here Turn Key complete turbo engines Click Here As seen on the show Overhaulin' We built the complete turnkey engine and turbo system!


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